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ScholarLocker is an online social network which allows aspiring physicians to efficiently share resources and advice with each other. A student at Harvard Medical School can easily post and share a useful cardiology study guide with his peers across the country. Likewise, a medical student at UCSF may wonder what others use to study for an exam, post a question, and receive feedback from medical students from many other schools. ScholarLocker fosters the intercollegiate and team-oriented nature of medical practice.

Within weeks of launching at Harvard, 90% of students became registered users. ScholarLocker is now quickly expanding to medical schools across the country. After seeing ScholarLocker for the first time, a Dean at HMS exclaimed, “this is the future of medical education”.


David Mou

David is a MD MBA candidate at Harvard. He graduated from Harvard College in 2008 with a degree in neurobiology. Before beginning medical school, he spent a year continuing his basic neuroscience research in Paris. He is interested in health care policy, entrepreneurship, and anything related to neuroscience. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, listening to classical music, and throwing around a frisbee.

Mark Garro

Mark graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Computer Science. He has worked on several education-based startups and concentrates on making collaborative platforms for students. His passion is solving practical problems with information technology. He thrives on the challenge of pioneering with new technologies.

Jay Reidler

Jay is an MD MPH candidate at Harvard Medical School. He is interested in surgery, health care quality improvement, clinical effectiveness research, and medical technology. He is excited about the prospect of improving both physician and patient education through the use of engaging and collaborative technologies for sharing information. He also enjoys drumming with Kiran.

Kiran Harding

Community Outreach
Kiran is an MD candidate at Harvard Medical School in the New Pathway program. He graduated from Stanford University in 2009 with a major in Biomechanical Engineering and a minor in Modern Language. He is interested in surgery, global health, and entrepreneurship. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, playing the drums, and dancing Bhangra.

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We are always looking for passionate individuals who love learning as much as we do. We need smart, professional, and on-the-go individuals who can help us expand and grow.

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