Privacy Policy


ScholarLocker takes your privacy very seriously. We will not sell or share your personal information with any third party not affiliated with ScholarLocker. You can trust that your information is safe with us.

ScholarLocker is a social network designed for aspiring professionals. In the event of any breach to the security of the website, we pledge to inform all affected users as soon as possible. Content shared by the user can be made accessible to the ScholarLocker community at large, or can be made private to smaller “groups” within the ScholarLocker community, including but not limited to private communities for individual medical schools to share school-specific resources and advice. All material shared to a specific group cannot be viewed by ScholarLocker users outside of that group. For example, should the user wish to share a resource only to his/her medical school, the user may check the box ‘Private to my school’, and that resource will only be made available to members of that specific school. Furthermore, a user may submit any and all material anonymously by checking the ‘post anonymously’ box, and his/her name will not be associated with the post. Administrators of ScholarLocker reserve the right to access all groups for quality control of content, but will not harm the integrity of the privacy of the groups by sharing content between them. ScholarLocker LLC reserves the right to internally track site activity information, including content shared by a user, ratings and comments by the user, and any editing of content on ScholarLocker. This is done to 1) optimize the performance of the website and make it more useful as a resource for medical students, and 2) thank users for their contributions to the website and the education of their peers through the giving of rewards.